Done Assignee Due Task
Ben 7/3/21 Create this progress list so everyone can see where we’re at with completing things
Ben 7/3/21 Share google doc you put together that provides some preliminary info for e-commerce store
Ben 7/3/21 Tech: Familarize group with WooCommerce as our storefront software
Group 7/3/21 Establish roles for who is going to be responsible for what aspects of running the e-commerce store. Suggested roles:
  • Project manager
  • Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Tech
Group 7/3/21 Have group approve deadlines to the rest of the items on this list as best they can for now
Group Establish next meeting date when we have agreed on the work between now and then
TBD Project Manager: Decide what the annual budget will be for e-commerce inventory
TBD Inventory: Decide who will be responsible for purchasing
TBD Inventory: Decide where we’re going to begin purchasing products from (aka. vendor)
TBD Inventory: Create a list of which products we are confirmed to be selling
TBD Project Manager: Approve inventory to be purchased
TBD Inventory: Receive inventory purchased from vendor
Ben Tech: Get products imported to website
Ben Include any optional add-ons if approved by group to WooCommerce base software in the project terms agreement before sending
Ben Tech: Send terms and conditions of e-commerce project to group before connecting accounts to website
TBD Project Manager: Agree to e-commerce store terms Ben sent
Ben Tech: Connect website to PayPal for payment processing
Ben Tech: Make test payment to verify purchasing is working
TBD Marketing: Create plan to advertise e-commerce store on social media