2021 Scholarship Application

The Annual Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Fund Policy

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The scholarship committee consisting of three members shall orchestrate the selection process upon notification/receipt of the TAI National selection criteria, but not later than 45 days preceding last business day of the calendar year. The applicants can compete and possibly win assistance in one of the two following categories:

THE TAI NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship is normally $1,500, which the chapter can submit up to five applicants. Goal of the committee, assisted by all active members, is to make this application available to all candidates within the entire catchment area of Lee Archer chapter. This must include forwarding the email to prospective applicants and/or printing out hard copies for them. In either case, the chapter member must insure the heading is pre typed, written in, or the heading information is provided to the applicant for TASF FORM 62, which is page 1, of the application packet. In addition, insure the applicants clearly understand established date the packet must be returned to chapter, which is normally the last week of January. The committee will then inspect, execute check list, and arrange packets in an order of merit based on the established rubric. Results will be provided to the executive committee who will then mail selected packets to TA Scholarship Foundation so as to arrive NLT their suspense date, normally the first week of February.

TUITION ASSISTANCE FUND. Normally, up to five $1,000, tuition assistance fund offers will be made available each year. Applicants who were on the order of merit list, but did not get submitted to the National board, or were submitted but not selected for an award by that board are eligible for one of the tuition assistance awards in the stated amount. Therefore the Lee Archer Chapter will issue Tuition Assistance fund awards to applicants who remain on the order of merit list after TAI National results are publicized, which is normally during late April, or early May.

Robert Windham: Treasurer/Committee Chair.

“Aerospace No Boundaries”

Please fill out the scholarship application below, and send it back to us at the email address tacleeaarcherjr@gmail.com, or print it out and mail it back to us at

Chapter: Lee A. Archer Jr.
Address: PO Box 1804, Travis AFB, CA 94535
ATTN: Robert Windham

If you have any questions, please email them at that address above. Thank you.

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